Who makes Acura cars

Who makes Acura cars

Who makes Acura cars

Who makes Acura cars. Whenever one talks about cars and especially the luxury ones Acura is the customer’s number one preference. The reasons for the choice are its chic design, relaxed interiors, powerful engine, efficient performance and classy looks. The question most asked about them is who made the Acura cars.

Who make Acura Cars

The answer is Honda.” Yes! You read right. Honda is the parent company that introduced the luxury car line in America in 1986. In the beginning, the brand named Channel II then it renamed it as Acura. Acura then launched in other countries like Hong Kong, Russia, China, Kuwait and many other states.  It was the very first Japanese luxury Car Company brand, which gained quick success with the Acura Legend. The brand made under the slogan “Acura. Precision Crafted Automobiles”. It remains true to its slogan and name meaning, providing luxury with ultimate precision.

            The answer is Honda. Honda Makes An Acura Cars

Acura Cars

Even the logo is derived from a caliper that represents a precise design tool symbolizes the careful attention to the detail that is part of every car.  Due to these qualities, the Acura made a name for it and gained success in a short time after the launching.

Acura made a place for itself in the market

After answering the part that makes the Acura cars now, another question is that where have these luxury cars been made? The parent company Honda establishes state of the art manufacturing plants to make luxury cars in different parts of the world. Most of the models of Acura made in North America such as ILX, TLX, RDX, and MDX. Most of the manufacturing plants are in Ohio. The Marysville Acura plant has the largest production capacity with multiple Acura manufacturing locations in the state.

There is also a production plant in Russell Point and Anna site in Ohio. The other site is East Liberty. The Marysville plant manufactures the Acura TLX and ILX. The Russell Point plant produces Acura transmissions and related components, including the powerful four-wheel-drive systems. The Anna plant manufactures engines and drivetrain components while the East Liberty plant makes the Acura RDX and Acura MDX luxury SUVs. In addition to the production of the Acura ILX and Acura TLX, the Marysville plant is also home to the Acura performance-manufacturing center where the Acura NSX supercar made.

From the inception, Acura made a place for itself in the market. It became a name representing luxury, ease and elegance at the same time. A vehicle that has a lavish interior with state-of-the-art technology that gives drivers the thrill of a fast car without sacrificing their comfort.

who makes acura cars

Over the years, Honda launched many luxury vehicles under its label called Aura. As parallel to its slogan “Precision Crafted Automobiles”. In the initial phase, it offered two models: the executive class Legend and the compact class Integra. They were five and three-door hatchback. The legend was the product of joint venture between Austin Rover Group and Honda while the Integra was an improvement of the Honda Quint hatchback

The legend was a great hit and became the first choice of the customers. Five years after the launch of first series, Acura launched NSX (New Sports experimental) that was rear-wheel-drive with V6 powered sports car. It was the image-building car for both the parent company Honda and the division Acura

because it had VETC technology in it. It was the very first Japanese car capable to compete with rivals such as Ferrari and Porsche. The car got a very strong positive result from the market. One of the reasons behind that was the fact that NSX was the first all-aluminum production car that offered durability and reliability that was not common in super cars of that time

Acura re-defined its brand

In 2000s, Acura re-defined its brand by remodeling of the cars present in previously. In the line, first car that modified was Acura 3.2 TL. This car offered a well-rounded blend of sportiness and luxury. Then, Acura introduced the MDX that was a three-row crossover SUV. This car had limited off-road capability that catered to the demands of the luxury SUV market. This car top the charts in its first comparison test by Car and Driver. In 2001, RSX presented in the market as a replacement or upgraded version of the Integra.

who makes acura carsThe RSX is a rebadged Honda Integra (DC5) from the Japanese market. It received well by the customers and was a hit in the turner market. Honda under its luxury brand label Acura for the model year 2004 presented a new TL with 270 hp V6. After that Aura TSX was introduce. It became the only 4-cylinder sedan in Acura’s line-up. Then comes 2005, Acura present in the market a new RL with a 300hp V6 with improved styling and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive

Both the models TL and TSX well received by the clients and ranked Acura’s top selling vehicles by then. Acura in 2006 introduced the small SUV that based on its unique framework called RDX. It has later become available to the United States customers From the August of 2006. The car powered by turbocharged 240-hp 4-cylinder engine and used Acura’s SH-AWD system. Then in 2006 a completely re-designed model of MDX come to market 300 hp (220 kW) V6 engine and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive.

In 2009, Acura presented all new models of TL and TSX in the market.

In 2009, Acura presented all new models of TL and TSX in the market. Then in 2011, the brand announced about the new luxury crossover vehicle called the ZDX. It had V6 engine and SH-AWD system. It was designed by Michelle Christensen and was completely manufactured in North America.

The concept behind the ZDX was that it is a “four door coupe” and the design emphasis of the body of the car is like a “pulled back slingshot.” Another prominent design aspect of the ZDX is the wide rear shoulders above the rear wheels. The ZDX went on sale in December 2009. In 2012 ILX, a new luxury car model was introduced by Acura and was launched on the Honda Civic platform. In the same year, it re-invented another model called The RDX concept.

It did not have the SH-AWD system but had “AWD with intelligent control”. Then in 2014, it showed MDX, which was competent enough to compete with the rivals like Audi and BMW etc.  In 2014 and 2015, was the year of the release of TLX and ILX respectively. The ILX was available with 2.4L engine with eight-speed dual clutch transmission. The added features were LED headlights and taillights with updated suspense system, wheels and bumper redesign. Currently is has many models in the market such as Acura ILX, TLX, RLX. Along with that Acura RDX and MDX as SUV type.

Whether the point being who made the Acura cars or where they are made? The most fascinating part is that it with sheer precision and due attention is given to each detail. It was the reason that immediately after its inception it turned out to be a great success especially in America. That time in the first year that the company sold almost one-lac ninety thousand vehicles and the

number of the sold items increased in the following years. Most of the models were made in North America and Acura sold over eighty thousand TL units alone in the year 2008.  Due to its outstanding performance, Acura 2020 sales were around one-lac 40 thousand and captured almost 0.93% of the market share in United States alone. Honda’s luxury car division

Acura are made mostly in various parts of North America. It had manufacturing plants just in four different locations in Marysville. Other than that, these cars are being made and assembled in many other countries such as China, other parts of America, Canada and Japan. Honda’s luxury brand is being sold in many countries and has customers all over the world. The reason for its high demand is the user trust and the comfort it provides to the users.

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