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Vitamins for skin care

Vitamins for skin care

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Vitamins for skin care

Vitamins for skin care. In Daily Routine we look into the mirror a find out a new grey patch saying hello to us on our cheekbone or a dark spot screaming about its existence. At that moment we just start regretting not to buy that 30$ skincare serum or 40$ night cream that we had seen by scrolling Instagram a few days ago although
that product was about skincare mentioning a lot of Vitamins For skincare also healthy and those
colorful bottles must have the colorful magic that would sink into our skin on the first application and
every spot and patch would be faded away but Wake Up guys because That’s A Myth.

Every skincare product is suitable for specific skin

Skincare products that seem magical in the advertisement of social media contain many chemicals
which are containing vitamins for skincare. The horrifying chemicals in the transparent bottles of that
serum or milky white-colored night cream will suppress the activity of the original Vitamins when we
apply them to the skin. Every skincare product is suitable for specific skin but that is also not true. Some
people use the products recommended by their dermatologists also does not work for their skin. That is
why natural sources of vitamins for skincare are better to be used as compared to company products.

The main vitamins are Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin E.

The main source of Vitamins for Skin Care comes from the Food we eat. Food meant to say the Actual
food, not the Junk that swims in the oil or the machinic which seems like artificial to eat. Food like Fresh
fruits, vegetables, meat etc. What are the actual Sources of the vitamins for skin care and also the whole

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is going to be so in love with your skin and we know this because of its too much trait of
affection and protection towards the skin. First of all, it maintains the 2 main layers of the skin which is
The dermis and Epidermal layer then minimize the fine lines and wrinkles. It also reverses the cause of skin
damage caused by the UV light from the sun. The dead cells on our skin become the pest house on our skin
if we do not remove those from our skin and by using vitamin A we can get rid of dead skin cells.

Its Keeps the skin Hydrated, balance the moisture level, and
reduces fine lines and wrinkles mainly called antiaging

It also
prevents excess oil production on the skin to reduce the problem of Acne and makes your skin
youthful and radiant. By seeing a lot of benefits of vitamin A towards skin we can surely categorize it
as an important vitamin for skincare. We can take it from the yummy ones like Liver, carrots, papaya,
sweet potato, yogurt, apricots, spinach, oily fish, etc..

Vitamin B

Vitamin B loves your skin to be toned so it inhibits the production of melanin and Reduces the Hyperpigmentation and reduces dark spots. Its Keeps the skin Hydrated, balance the moisture level, and
reduces fine lines and wrinkles mainly called antiaging. It also has Antimicrobial properties which
prevent acne, large pores, and also sebum control that causes sticky texture on our skin that
seems like the face directly coming from oil refineries. It also protects the skin from sun damage.

We can consume this Vitamin of skincare from Wholegrain which prevents the production of excess sebum,
poultry, and eggs that improve skin firmness, honey for softness that stays, fish for repairing skin cells,
almonds for tissue development mainly bruises, mushrooms for repairing skin cells, broccoli and
spinach for enhancing glow, etc.

vitamin for skin care

Vitamin C

is the most mouth-watering vitamin because of its major citrus and other fruit sources and its
benefits for the skin are eye-opening. It reduces discoloration of the skin which is the major appearing issue like
dark spots, under-eye circles, and hyperpigmentation by reducing the uninvited melanin production. It
also boosts the production of collagen also keeps the skin hydrated. It also reduces inflammation and
acne spots and makes skin radiant, glowing, and healthy. This Vitamin of skincare can be taken from
the citrus families like Oranges, limes, grapefruits the best drinks when we had a boring day also Pina colada
because of Pineapple, so are strawberry, apricot, watermelon, kiwi. In green vegetables, we also can get
vitamin C from parsley, broccoli, colored full bell peppers with impeccable taste, etc.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes from a great source that is the sun but the sun is damaging our skin as well. So how can we
believe that it is an enemy to avoid or a friend to spend time with? Do not worry, the daily 10 to 15 minutes
exposure to the sun can give enough vitamin D that prevents premature aging, as in we should not
worry about the fine Lines at the age of 20s. It also takes care of inflammation and improves the cells
turnover as new cells replace by dead cells. It is the Vitamin of skincare that also helps to prevent
acne which gives us a major heartbreak when we wake up in the morning with a newly blushing pimple
and also sometimes scaly dry skin. It also has importance because of its skin barrier function, boosting
of skin immunity, and antibacterial properties. The major sources of Vitamin D are Cod liver oil, Trout,
Salmon, Mushrooms, Egg, Liver, cheese cheddar, etc.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the best caring friend of the skin and could be also called the Vitamin of skin care because of its
endless magic on skin health. It provides conditioning to the environmental exposure skin also
discourages sebum oxidation to prevent blackheads. It Allows Long-lasting moisture retention dolling out
up to 16 hours of hydration. We use sunscreens but if we use vitamin E with C under the sunscreen it
provides 4 times of protection of sunscreen. It also soothes the irritation from pollution and provides
antioxidants. We can get Vitamin E from Pomegranate and Sunflower seeds, Spinach, Broccoli, Kiwi,
Avocado, Olives, Mango, etc.

vitamin for skin care


Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also present in the list of Vitamins for skincare. When we get bruises, swelling, or cuts on
our skin it is vitamin K that takes care of us, speeds up the healing process and diminishes the bruising.

It also improves the elasticity of our skin which reduces the fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes the
stretchmarks also minimizes the spider veins with easing redness. Vegetables are better providers for
Vitamin K includes vegetable oils, lettuce, kale, broccoli also our favorite poultry like eggs, the
allrounder chicken, etc.




green vegetables, we also can get
vitamin C from parsley, broccoli, colored full bell peppers with impeccable taste, etc.

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