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Moringa Benefits For Men

Eye Opening Moringa Benefits For Men


Moringa Benefits For Men. Considered a miracle plant, Moringa has benefits for both male and female. This miraculous herb treats nearly 300 health conditions. No one can deny the fact that Moringa is now World famous. 

Over here we will cover nearly all the discovered Moringa benefits for men.

What is Moringa?

The scientific name of Moringa is “Moringa Oleifera” which transcribe “miracle tree”. Packed with tons of medicinal properties every part of this plant is useful. Miracle plant is cultivated in Northwest India – meaning it has been in use there for treating ailments since its origin.

Popularly known as “drumstick tree”, Moringa Oleifera is also commonly found in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.     

Native Asians and Africans are familiar with this plant as it’s consumed there in large quantities.

These people consider it as an utterly crucial part of their diet.  But, for sure, the plant has gotten much attention for the past few years.

Some experts also named it “superfood” as it’s loaded with rare vitamins (E, B6, C), minerals (Potassium, Iron, Magnesium) , amino acids and protein. Valued for its nutritious leaves, drumstick tree helps in body growth, cell reproduction and repair.

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Several benefits of moringa plants

There are several benefits of moringa plants specific to men. Stuffed with antioxidants Moringa seizes free radicals in the body thus preventing deadly diseases. Apart from protecting the body, the anti-inflammatory particles limit excessive cholesterol production in the body. Fend off the risk of heart attack and maintain good immune health.

Miraculous moringa powder assists treat various acute and chronic diseases. Including prostate health, infertility, diabetes, weight loss etc. Efficiently promotes overall health in men, also this plant works miraculously for sexual health conditions in men.

However, moringa can pose a threat to nursing and pregnant mothers. As its bark, flower and root contains toxic chemicals. If consumed in large quantities Moringa can cause complications in the body like bowel movements and upset stomach.

Edible Form of Moringa

Moringa leaves are first dried and then ground into fine powder. Moringa leaf powder is one of the various edible forms of medical plants. Moringa powder can easily become part of any cuisine and recipe because of its mild earthy flavor. Make Moringa tea, add it to your smoothies, sprinkle it on your salad and much more.

Let’s try to discover why so much hype is created for this plant. Here is a complete guide on Moringa benefits for men. Grab some snacks and enjoy reading!

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Let’s take a look at the nutritional value of Moringa. Wholesomeness of 1 cup moringa leaf powder. 

  • Moringa has 7% more vitamin C than oranges
  • 15X more potassium than bananas
  • 19% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Vit.B6
  • 11% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of iron
  • 2 grams of proteins
  • 9% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Vit.A
  • 12% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Vit.C
  • 11% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Riboflavin
  • Contains 92 nutrients
  • 46 antioxidants
  • Contains 20X more iron than spinach
  • Hold more vitamin A content than carrots

These are just a few of the many nutritional values of Moringa Oleifera.

Loftiest Moringa Benefits For Men

The benefits are as follows;

Boost Prostate Health

Presence of various sulfur compounds in leaves and seeds of Moringa lowers the risk of cancer. Glucosinolates nullify the development and growth of cancerous prostate cells. It prevents a condition known as prostate hyperplasia or prostate gland enlargement, which typically happens when men get old.

Furnished with anticancer properties glucosinolates could aid prevent benign prostate hyperplasia. Prostate-specific antigen are produced by prostate glands – moringa extract significantly reduces the level of this protein. A high level of this antigen indicates prostate cancer.   

In this condition, prostate gland increases unnaturally thus can cause various problems. Such as blocking the flow of urine from bladder, sexual impairment, urinary track and kidney problems. Moringa drastically affects the production of specific proteins that expedite irregular prostate growth.

Reduce Blood Sugar

This miracle plant is also effective against insulin imbalance and obesity. Moringa leaf powder dramatically reduces lipids, sugar and glucose in the body. Due to possession of these properties, it is beneficial for diabetics. 

Insulin-like protein present in moringa helps decrease the amount of sugar level in the blood. This makes it effective against Type 2 diabetes – a condition when the body doesn’t produce and use insulin effectively. Accumulation of visceral fat around the abdominal region makes insulin ineffective in men. Unfortunately, men tend to store this fat easily. 

Experiments on diabetic rats disclose that extracts from moringa leaves increase the uptake of glucose into cells and also increase insulin production.    

“Moringa keeps oxidative stress levels within optimal range. Incorporate it in your weekly diet for weight loss”

Insulin-like protein present in moringa helps decrease the amount of sugar level in the blood. This makes it effective against Type 2 diabetes – a condition when the body doesn’t produce and use insulin effectively. Accumulation of visceral fat around the abdominal region makes insulin ineffective in men. Unfortunately, men tend to store this fat easily. 

Experiments on diabetic rats disclose that extracts from moringa leaves increase the uptake of glucose into cells and also increase insulin production.

Diminish Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers have found that Moringa helps treat erectile dysfunction. Moringa is high in antioxidant content which increases blood flow to the penis – better circulation aids in erections. Miracle plant has proved to suppress secretion of enzymes that provoke erectile dysfunction. 

Miraculous plant contains high content of Vitamin A which is linked to dogmatic sperm production. This multifaceted plant powder ensures nutrient and blood flow to every part of the body through proper accessible channels. 

Reduces stress hormones in male leading to strong erections. Good blood circulation enhance overall sex drive. Moringa guarantees a healthy sex life as it reduce aging of tissues and cells – helps carrying out sexual activities for long time. 

Extract of Moringa not only provides relaxation to the muscles but keeps erection that’s firm enough for sex. An increase in nitric oxide production is inversely proportional to blood pressure. Moringa leaves extract hold polyphenols that have the ability to boost blood flow by escalating nitric oxide production.

Studies revealed that moringa extracts facilitate blood flow in the penis area of rats, even diabetics rats. Thus, alleviates erectile dysfunction ensuring constant blood flow to the tissues.

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Support Liver Function in Men

Liver is the detoxifying machinery of the body. Moringa detoxify harmful toxins and impurities from blood. Fat can seriously disturb liver function, moringa breaks down fat and naturally supports liver function. 

Apart from negating fibrosis, moringa ensures backward oxidation process hence protecting the liver.  

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Heart diseases are more common in men than women. Typically, risk of cardiac infarction prevails more significantly in male than females. One of the many moringa benefits for men is cardiovascular health.    

Moringa Oleifera has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent chronic inflammation of the heart blood vessels. Mild or chronic inflammation of blood vessels in the heart can lead to cardiac arrest. It fights against inflammation and maintains proper blood flow through all parts of the heart.

Immune system brings about inflammatory responses against illness. It not only aids the immune system in fighting illness but also attacks inflammatory hormones secreted in the body. Miracle moringa lowers blood pressure thus downgrading the risk of hypertension. 

You may have heard that omega-3 fatty acids are abundantly found in fish. But would you believe moringa is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids? These acids maintain adequate heart health. 

Compounds like isothiocyanates and polyphenols are effective in treating inflammations. They are vital in suppressing inflammation, thus supporting a healthy heart.

Improves Fertility

These days infertility problems like sperm motility, reduced sperm count, sperm production etc. are common in men. Moringa has extraordinary ability to treat infertility and sexual drive in men. Oxidative damage gives extreme damage to sperm DNA and hinder sperm production. Moringa is jam-packed with antioxidants that battle against oxidative stress.

Moringa leaf powder studies in rabbits reveal that it significantly improves sperm production in them and also boosts seaman volume. Moringa does wonders when induced in undescended testicles of rats – studies demonstrated that extract from moringa leaf notably increases sperm count in rats.

It is hard to believe that electromagnetic rays emitted from cell phones, chemotherapy or excessive heat cause the loss of sperms. Leaf extract from moringa prevents this dropping. Though no studies conducted in humans still the results on rabbits and rats are promising. 

Miracle compounds in moringa prevent the degeneration of enzymes essential for sperm’s optimal production. Anti-inflammatory properties enhance blood flow in sexual organs thus improving sexual drive in men. It shows moringa is safe, organic and natural way to support overall sexual function in men. 

It kicks out stress and maintains normal cortisol levels in men that may promote testosterone production.  

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Strengthens Muscles

Moringa Oleifera contains a bunch of essential amino acids and proteins that are crucially needed for the growth and repair of muscles. The Protein portion of moringa is remarkably higher than that of legumes and yogurt.

Protein portion of the miracle tree aids muscle regeneration and muscle repair. Magnesium along with other minerals has the ability to burn fats by ameliorating metabolism consequently contributing to muscle gain.

Moringa Promotes Hair Growth

Those men who are suffering from baldness and hair loss should include moringa in their hair care routine. Drumsticks could do wonders to your hair, here are some significant benefits you should know;

  • Moringa is opulent in Vitamin C, E, A, Zinc and Iron. Vitamin A is said to play a pivotal role in developing cells and tissues of the body which in result effectively reduce hair fall.
  • Antioxidants and essential amino acids are responsible for nourishing hair, luckily, moringa is packed with these components.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids enrich hair strands, stimulate hair growth, and improve overall hair health by providing them with healthy fatty acids. 
  • Zinc has the ability to repair damaged hair follicles. It triggers activity of oil glands to function properly thus maintaining healthy hair follicles.
  • Anemia occurs due to low production of red blood cells and can result in hair loss. Red blood cells act as nutrient carriers to the scalp. A proper oxygen and nutrient supply encourages robust follicle growth.
  • Another reason for severe hair fall in men is stress. Vitamin E and C have the power to fight against free radicals. Once stress is held at bay, moringa powder can definitely reduce hair fall ensuring healthy hair.
  • A natural stimulant for hair hair growth is iron. That’s why iron present in moringa deals actively with baldness issues.

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Rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, moringa fosters hair growth and hair nourishment. Moringa confirm transportation of oxygenated blood to the scalp as a result hair follicles get much needed nutrients.

Helps in Digestion

The fiber content in moringa aids in digestion. Moringa extract might help treat bowel movement, colitis and indigestion. The antibacterial and antibiotic properties of moringa hamper the growth of pathogens. Harmful gut bacteria’s and other harmful substances in the stomach can stay in front of miracle moringa.

Ward Off Free Radicals

Oxidative stress, external pollution and UV exposure result in creation of free radicals in the body. If they go rampant, free radicals can seriously damage body cells and trigger premature aging. Moringa is high in antioxidant content like ascorbic acid, polyphenols etc. These antioxidants fight harmful toxins and fend off oxidative stress. 

Brush Up Mental Health

As mentioned above, moringa contains vitamin E and C which combat oxidative stress hence improve proper brain function. Intake of moringa causes secretion of dopamine, also known as the happiness hormone which means it facilitates happy thinking.

Moringa Oleifera Oil Benefits For Hair

Moringa oil when massaged on the scalp helps get rid of rashes, itchiness, allergies and redness. It not only moisturizes the scalp but also eliminates dandruff. 

Keratin makes hair smooth and shiny. Zinc present in moringa boosts keratin production which directly protects against hair damage. Moringa has long been praised for its natural hair conditioning properties

Moringa Oil For Skin

Is your skin dry? Well, here is good news for you. Cheap moringa oil can prevent dry skin – hydrates the skin perfectly. A thin layer of moringa oil acts as a shield against dust and grime. This miracle oil smoothest skin, cleanse it, reduces excess sebum production, and slows down the aging process, protecting skin from acne, blemishes, allergies and pimples.

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Moringa Leaf Powder Benefits For Skin

We all know that collagen keeps skin plump and youthful. High Vitamin A content of moringa boosts collagen production and repairs skin. Moringa contains Vitamin C which is famous for its anti-aging properties – guarantees firm and yonder looking skin. Vitamin E in moringa benefits the skin by treating acne, blemishes, pimples and other skin problems.

Can Moringa help you lose weight?

Yes, moringa can help reduce weight. Moringa powder has the ability to reduce fat formation. It also amplifies the process of fat breakdown. You can definitely opt for it for weight loss. 

Are Moringa flowers good to eat?

You can eat moringa flowers raw and lightly cooked. Incorporate it in your food – garnish your curries, add into noodles, stir-fried into rice, use as pizza topping and enjoy. 

It may be surprising for you that all parts of moringa are edible. Moringa flowers are rich in vitamin C that reduces inflammation, calcium that promotes bone density, and vitamin A that acts as an immunity booster. 

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Moringa Soup Benefits

Drumstick soup is excellent for pimples, acne, diabetic patients, skin and hair. Moringa soup ensures stronger bones, good heart health and prevents chickenpox. 

Can you drink moringa soup on an empty stomach?

No, you should consume it with a meal. Make sure to buy pure moringa irrespective of in which form you want to consume it.

How to consume Moringa?

Moringa is abundantly available in various forms. You can use it as part of a meal just like it’s used in South India. Tamil people in India include in every part of the meal – an integral part of their diet.

How to make moringa powder at home?

  • Take some fresh leaves from the moringa plant. Remove stalks or you can take it also. Wash them properly to remove any dust.
  • Air-dry the leaves, at this stage you can remove the stalks easily if you don’t want to consume them.
  • Make sure the leaves are dried perfectly before you grind them.
  • After grinding you will get a fine powder that you can add to many dishes

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Recommended Dosage of Moringa Powder

½ tbsp. of moringa leaf powder can be consumed on a daily basis. 3 capsules of moringa powder are equivalent to ½ tbsp. of moringa.

Moringa can be added in tons of recipes

Moringa beautifully becomes part of many recipes. You can add it to apple juice, smoothies, soups, curries, salads, pasta, eggs, coconut water, and bake with muffins, bread and cookies. The choices are endless. 

Side Effects of High Intake of Moringa

Remember high intake of moringa can cause problems. Moringa has high alkaloid content that can cause low blood pressure and slower heart rate. Overdose can even damage the liver and kidneys.

Bottom Line

Moringa Oleifera is a miracle plant with origins in South India. Famous for its nutritious value, moringa can provide vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients. According to studies, moringa can help treat a number of medical conditions. Moringa powder, tea and capsules are available in the market and online. 

Not only in women but moringa benefits for men force us to make it a part of our daily diet.

If you have any questions related to moringa then comment. We would love to answer.

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