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Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power It is very important to understand why people used to say that knowledge is power. What power they are referring to and how knowledge gave us power. To comprehend this lets just first look at the definition of knowledge.

It’s defined as a set of skills, information and facts acquired through experience or education. It includes the practical or theoretical understanding of the subject. It is clear from the definition that knowledge is something that puts humans in the position of knowing things. Humans are not the most powerful creatures on earth physically but still control creatures and innovate stuff having greater strength than these creatures. It is all because of the power of knowledge.

It makes people aware about themselves and their surroundings. This makes man capable to express his point of view dynamically and make intelligent decisions based on his everyday situations, awareness and understanding. Using your knowledge in the most effective way empowers people.

knowledge is power

Who said, “Knowledge is power”

The phrase “Scientia Est potential” or “Scientia potestas Est” is a Latin saying meaning “Knowledge is power”. In 1597 the phrase “ipsa Scientia potestas Est” which means, “knowledge itself is power” occurs in Bacon’s Meditations Sacra but the exact phrase “Scientia potential Est” which is actually translated to as “knowledge is power” was first time written by Thomas Hobbes, in 1668 in Leviathan. Thomas Hobbes was secretary to Bacon as a young man. It was written to transmit the idea that having and sharing knowledge is the cornerstone of reputation and influence. When a person is holding the knowledge, he is able to exert the influence over the people.

What knowledge is?

Knowledge refers to having education or skills that help humans in taking control of his/her life. It is the strongest tool one can have which cannot be defeated by any other power and makes people capable of handling things better in life.

One who knows cannot be the same as the one who does not know. Knowledge makes human kind the most powerful creature on earth because they have the ability to change the world with their knowledge, research and experiments.

It makes people aware about their rights and empowers them to fight to get their rights. Because of the knowledge, one can differentiate between the right and wrong. Using the knowledge for one’s benefit is considered as wisdom. This is what human beings do.

They use it to evolve the systems that can control the forces of nature and to get benefits out of it. It also contributes towards the development and improvement of systems or people. They can plan their future, overcome weaknesses, faults as well as how to face difficulties in life with confidence. For advancement, it is the only tool.

knowledge is power

Manifestations of knowledge

Knowledge is power. This saying is not just to say it but has a deeper meaning. It manifests in everything from the times of Stone Age until now, it holds true. The advancements in the world are all because of knowledge and continuous transfer of it from one being to the other. In the early times, people used to live in jungles, and ate leaves or animal meat.

Then humans discovered fire and it revolutionized eating alongside the living. In a way, they started to cook food before eating and heating their living spaces. Knowledge is only the one thing that creates difference in our lives. Over time, the knowledge of human beings increased and they were able to improve the overall living standards. There was a time of dark ages in Europe. Almost the same era is considered as the golden period in the Islamic history.

It is like that because the Islamic world was reflected as the hub of knowledge and scientific innovation while in the west there were dark times marked with poverty and war. Then, the era of enlightenment engulfs Europe and the west. People started to get knowledge and awareness, which took them out of the dark. Knowledge was that light following which they came out of the dark times. Human beings discovered themselves.

From living in the caves, eating raw, wearing leaves, walking on foot to now staying in big houses with integrated temperature regulation systems, eating various different cuisines, wearing branded clothes to incredibly fast transportation all these are manifestations of knowledge.

Not only in a few fields but also in every stage of life human beings developed because of the power of knowledge. Using it scientists revealed the cure of many diseases which ultimately contribute towards fighting against chronic diseases.

One other aspect is to understand that food and nutrition play an intimate part in our health and how well we perform day-to-day tasks. Nutrition plays an important role in making sure our immune system thrives. Having enough of proteins and fats so that we do not get sick from viruses, bacteria or other diseases that can cause illnesses that are difficult to treat.

Healthy nutrition is also extremely beneficial, as eating healthy foods can help in creating better immunity and keep us healthy more often. It is as important to maintain mind health as to maintain body health. It is said that a sound body hosts a sound mind. Now human beings have knowledge that proteins are the building blocks for human brains.

They give us essential amino acids. A good percentage of our diets consist of animal proteins, such as chicken breast, lamb, pork, butter beans, oatmeal, quinoa, soy protein, peanuts and so much more. Healthy immune systems help us survive longer and thrive longer; risk to experience illness is minimized.

Therefore, it should be kept in mind that as the health of our body depends largely on our nutrition the health of the mind depends upon the food of knowledge. It makes the mind sharp and develops the cognitive skills in human beings.

knowledge is strength

Knowledge perspectives

Mental health can create an excellent foundation on which relationships build and strengthen. Stronger relationships require an abundance of positive energy and strong nutrition to maintain trust. By incorporating nutrition knowledge in our daily lives, we are able to heal faster and maintain health and longevity.

In order to reach wellness and optimum results one needs to seriously consider the knowledge about the food.

The evolution and progress in human society is all because of the power of knowledge. It evolves civilization into better societies. Knowledge is the foremost tool of empowerment. It forces the human brain to think logically in order to solve the existing problems.

Knowledge, along with the power to think and analyze, differentiate men from animals. Due to the power of knowledge, individuals with very humble backgrounds have risen to power and wealth, on the strength of knowledge and skill.

Benefits of knowledge

Other wealth of the world decreases if one shares it with the people but knowledge is one unique wealth that increases upon sharing it with others.

Humans create things that one cannot imagine a few centuries back with your intellectual capital. It helps us to convert our ideas into reality and it helps us to reach the success that we desire in our life. Along with that, the power of having knowledge has many benefits.

It helps humans to differentiate between the rights from the wrong. Knowledge brought positive changes in society and contributed to foreseeing the future. Weapons and bomb do not make a country powerful but knowledge does. With the power of knowledge, a nation can have true democracy because the citizens will know about the social and economic conditions.

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