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Is Pakistan a safe country

Is Pakistan a safe country

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Is Pakistan a safe country? After a long period of instability and act of sectarian violence, Pakistan has now become a safe country. Pakistan is one of the beautiful countries in the world. People come here to visit. Such tourism positively affects the National income positively.  This is the country which offers fascinating cultures and ancient history. It warmly welcomes everyone. Pakistan’s tourism industry is growing rapidly. But this wasn’t in the time period of 2000 to 2010. Taliban activities were at their peak. Some places of the country were not safe for anyone. Even the people of Pakistan avoid going to that place. But due to the hardworking of the armed forces, most of the areas are safe now.

is pakistan a safe country.

Today the situation all over the world is changing severely. The government has changed the traveling policies due to the coronavirus. The latest update of 2020 shows an increase in the tourism industry in a couple of years. This is all due to improvement in security. The level of tourism goes up to 300%.

My sister in law lives in Australia for the last ten years. She wanted to leave Pakistan due to its uncertain economic condition, unemployment, day to day strikes. A job is offered to her from Australia. She decided to settle down there. Now she lives in Australia also got the certificate of a permanent resident of there.  She is happy as there is no unstable condition. I always convince her to come back. But she always asks a question.

Is Pakistan a safe country?

I know, from many last year’s Pakistan had a tumultuous past. The people get afraid of going outside. Even day-to-day strike makes the daily wages of people’s life very difficult. Even the lives of people are not safe all over Pakistan. Suicide attacks, murderer, and bribery are common things in big cities of Pakistan, especially in Karachi. Due to bad conditions, tourists are afraid to visit Pakistan.  But all this happen in the year 2000 to 2010.

But now the time has changed. 2021 brings a lot of changes to the country. In 2021 Pakistan made progressively growth in maintaining the security overall the cities.

According to Dawn newspaper, since 2014 the ratio of tourism on Pakistan has increased rapidly.  Dawn Newspaper

is pakistan a safe country ?

In 2021 Pakistan has appeared has as a new and emerging trend against security. Pakistan and the EU agreed to hold the meeting against “The fight against the terrorism”. Pakistan and the EU have inked the collaboration against security. Collaboration is the subject of peace and security would enhance the safe level of Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan and the EU further communicate with the Taliban and Afghanistan government to make efforts to sustain lasting peace

and stability in Afghanistan (Published in Dawn, November, 5th, 2020). Prince William and Kate also visit Pakistan as it now become a safe place after the great hard work of the Armed forces. The Australian batsmen who represent the Lahore Qalandars stated that

The Canadian motorcyclist Rosie Gabrielle also visited Pakistan. She always does solo riding all over the world. She also shared the views that.


is pakistan a safe country |


It is a good time for all the teams to visit Pakistan, as it is a safe country.  Ben Dunk was asked would he award a thumb up if Australian team takes his view about the safety. Dunk Answer was positive, “I think 100 percent”.  He further said that in four time visit, I never feel unsafe


“Pakistan is an amazing and safe country”

  • These views show that Pakistan is the safest and attractive place in the world.  Such positive views put a positive impact on the economy as well.

    What does safe mean?

     Accidents, terrorist attacks,s, and kidnapping happen unexpectedly in every country.  It does not matter where you live, anything can happen anywhere.  If you said that nothing would happen in a certain place is kind of naïve. There is no place without uncertain conditions. There are some factors that can make Pakistan safer. These are

    • Solid credentials, must be mandatory work
    • State Security
    • Safer cities
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • The global threat in cyberspace


    The current government is taking several steps to make a good image in eyes of all over the world. For this purpose, security steps are taken to make Pakistan a safe country. To promote the tourism industry, different areas of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are opened. Now Pakistan has become the safest place for everyone. People love to come here and visit attractive places like Hunza valley, swat, Nathia Gali, Islamabad, etc.

    With the growth of tourism, people visit Pakistan, which would in turn to invest in Pakistan. Investment in business opens the door to employment. These Visits also craft the source of enhancing the export. Cultural products are also exported to another country, which manages the balance of trade of the country.  In the last, Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world. I love to live here as it is my motherland.

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