How to start freelancing ? 2021

you can start online earning today

how to start freelancing 2021
how to start freelancing 2021

How to start freelancing?

How to start freelancing 2021 ? are your worry.? You should not worry about how to start freelancing. Because, I’m going to explain to you in very simple words that how you can start freelancing in 2021 and can make good money online.

you must have a good internet connection and a computer or laptop. (note* It’s not necessary to buy an expensive laptop or computer except this you are Graphic designer, video editors, etc.). Time (“time is the successful key in Freelancing”) and at least one skill (Even if you are good in singing, or drum master ) you can earn money and can start freelancing.

Do you know what is freelancing?

“You are doing a job as an employee in fixed location office, timing, and budget but in freelancing carrier, you will work for yourself.”

Freelancing is the name of selling your services remotely via the internet. (Internet is the main medium which makes you freelancer) basically is about “Be your own Boss.”

you are your own boss at the time of dealing with clients about your work. as, you make your final deal you are not boss now you are the employer of your client.

you do a job as an employee but here you work for yourself. Freelancers who are dedicated to working freely from anywhere at any time. must be kept in mind, that don’t cross the deadline of your project. Its also assists you in making money online by selling your skill on different platforms and can generate a good income.

 You can ask questions about why you should start freelancing?

Wants to start freelancing.? But you don’t know how to start freelancing 2021.? you take a good decision, many benefits make freelancing a unique way of earning, unlike other typical jobs where you’re bound. It could be your initiative step that your talent & interest in some sort of income-generating fun.

These are some facts that determined why you should start freelancing

Be your own Boss

As, I mentioned above “Be your own boss” why because freelancing is your own online business where you are dealing with different clients from all over the world and completing their projects.

once you start dealing with the client’s project you are boss but when you working on a client’s project you are an employee of your client still the work will not be finished.

you have all control in your hands you can accept buyers offers or not everything you want can do this is why is I use “Be your own Boss.”

Work from anywhere

you can work from anywhere. There is no restriction in freelancing. In the same case if you are doing a job in a private company, you have limited space, fix timing and fixed salary, looks like a typical job, this is why freelancing is flexible. Even if you have to move from one country to another you can move easily without thinking about how I do my work because you know freelancing is easy then doing job in the company.

Make money as you can

if you are doing freelancing, you can earn a good amount it all depends on your skills. How you serve your services to your client how you help him/her. and can solve problems, freelancing is a sole business. you are doing and earning good money from different clients you can easily manage your online earning.

Make money without investment

what is better than it that without investment you can make money. Because, freelancing does not need any kind of investment., there are too many platforms which are allowing come and (Sell your services online ) starting from zero to millionaires by just signing up. you just need one laptop internet connection time patience and professional skills that will attract your clients to purchase your services.

Types of Freelancing

There are two main basics types of Freelancing.

1: Indirect freelancing                       2: Direct freelancing

1: Direct Freelancing is about (not any medium or sources will be included at the time of project dealing). You and your client make a contract face to face. There is no medium involved in the name of indirect freelancing.

For instance, I post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anywhere I need a website developer who has good knowledge about real estate building websites. And, you apply on this. I see your proposal and will accept it. If you fulfill my requirement which I need then me and you will become directly with each other no more medium involve after starting a project.


2: The Indirect freelancing is about Medium will involve still the project will end. In indirect, freelancing the seller who is selling his/her services. and the buyer will be connected via the third party.

(Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc.) and this third party take commission of his services buyer and seller both will give his/ her some percentage to the third party.

For Example, Fiverr is a third-party platform. Where the seller is selling their skills and buyer comes and buy the service that they want. Fiverr captured money from the buyer and take it in hold still the seller cannot complete the task. As, the seller complete buyers work. Fiverr release amount to seller account and take 20% charges from the seller.

After, read this article. I hope you understand how to start freelancing in 2021. If have any question you can contact I’ll try my best to solve your query Thanks !

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Written by Husnain Malik

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