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How to get out of a bad mood

How to get out of a bad mood

How to get out of a bad mood

Bad moods really have the power to ruin your day. And also it is extremely difficult to deal with them. Well, it’s not possible to be happy all the time, definitely, there are some bad days. We should normalize having a range of emotions as it is completely natural.

Whatever the situation may be, there is nothing wrong in trying to get out of a bad mood. The thing that works for you to snap yourself out of a grumpy mood may not work for another person. The ways vary from person to person. We recommend you try different ways to figure out what works best for you.

How to get out of a bad mood

Some days we really feel down – finding it hard to get out of a negative aura. We all have been through situations where we find ourselves stuck in a huff. Sometimes we know the reason and sometimes don’t but still we gather some courage to break out of it

Bad mood leaves powerful effects on our mind.

How to get out of a bad mood

Bad mood leaves powerful effects on our mind. That’s why it is necessary to get out of it as early as possible. Otherwise you would be unable to stop social rejection, unwanted thoughts and your problem solving skills will likely suffer.

Series of sad and depressed thoughts, unproductive days, silence make you feel dreadful. The worst part, you don’t know the end of this vicious cycle.


Take a moment and realize what’s really making you feel what you’re feeling. We can bet there must be something that made you feel moody.

Our emotions are a visible sign of what’s going on internally. Embracing emotions, figuring out the solution and taking action is what can help. Try to understand the cause of a bad mood because that will definitely help to overcome it.

Here are some powerful ways that are based on psychological results to turn your bad mood into a good one.

Expect Good

Being optimistic about the future can make you feel better. Think that positive things will happen in the forthcoming. It is scientific research that the quality of life of optimistic people is one step ahead of pessimists. Optimism leads to emotional stability, giving explanations for negative situations, problem solving, and feeling of satisfaction.

Shift Your Attention To Others

In a bad mood we only focus on ourselves. Shifting concentration to others can delude our mind into forgetting our problems. Remember that everyone has ups and downs in life, no one is born without problems. An act of kindness towards our fellow human beings can help us be more thankful to God. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research showed that performing selfless and humanitarian acts for others triggers positive emotions. Sometimes building others can lift up your mood.

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Go For A Jog

We can’t deny this science based research that exercise has the ability to lift up your spirit. Only a ten-minute walk is shown to boost mood and increase feelings of happiness. Drilling releases the happiness hormone dopamine that works in the same way as antidepressants.

Do Things You Enjoy

This may sound weird to you but believe us this works. Doing something you love will distract your mood from stressful feelings. It will reduce tension by improving your frame of mind. No one knows you better than you. So go find out what makes you happy, permit yourself to do that and enjoy.

Mortal Touch

Cuddles, hugs and kisses from a loved one release the feel-good hormone. Ask your best friend or partner to hug you. Mortal or physical touch increases the level of serotonin and dopamine that relieves stress and regulates mood

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Escape Into Nature

While many think it’s not going to work, we have scientific research that backed this theory. Finding an escape into nature can significantly improve your mood. Put your joggers on and go to the park to enjoy a beautiful walk. You can even walk barefoot on the grass to absorb the freshness.

It is a fact that viewing scenes of nature or being in nature reduces stress and boosts pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature also helps maintain normal blood pressure, heart rate, and decrease production of stress hormones.

Have A Talk

Do you know someone who will listen to you without being judgmental. A friend or loved one with good humor would be even better. Don’t worry if you don’t have any friends. You can try talking to strangers. Even in some countries there are libraries where there are professionals to listen to your heart out. Try contacting them.

You can also contact us on social media. We will definitely try our best to correct your mood:)

Be Grateful

Gratitude is something you should practice daily. 

Tip: Don’t compare yourself to others.

Everyone has difficulties and problems in their life. Possible that someone is having an even harder time than you. Write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Read them in the morning before starting your day. You will definitely find it working.

Deep Breathing Help

Deep breaths help keep you calm. Exhale slowly – it will slow down your heart rate. Inhale and exhale slowly, repeat this process it will sync your heart rate with your breaths. This process leads your brain to release hormones with natural calming effects like endorphins. 

Try this technique to reduce negative feelings. Outdoors are a perfect way to connect with nature, where you can make some big decisions


Meditation helps control mood swings. It helps with both your emotional-wellbeing and your health. Meditation has been proved to lessen some symptoms of certain medical conditions. And the fact is the benefits it provides are long lasting.

So when you feel stressed, meditate to clear away overloaded useless thoughts. It will help you live the present moment, build skills to control stressful situations, diminish negative thoughts, enhance creativity, and increase tolerance. Remain busy reading a book, start creating crafts, gardening would be another better option to go for. 

Following all this will slow down formation of negative thoughts. Switching tasks also shifts focus thus lessen the potential of anxiety

Go Swim

Cleaning yourself is something we all enjoy. Being neat and clean makes us feel refreshed. Get wet whether you shower or take swimming. Dunking your head in water activates the mammalian reflex which helps spread oxygen to the brain and heart.

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Social Media Detox

Social media is always linked to stress and anxiety. But we can’t deny the fact that it can also work as a digital detox. We scroll through hundreds of posts on social media. Some posts miraculously have the ability to release dopamine in our systems. Dopamine hormone induces the feelings of reward and motivation. Watching videos of funny animals, cute babies, making new friends activates the pleasure gateway in our brain. So sometimes social media can help you get out of a bad mood

Sleep Well

Sleep well and wake up well. Proper sleep can help you wake up happy. One tip for better sleep is banning screens before going to bed. Take a hot shower and have some chamomile tea. Read some interesting novels and try to avoid sugary food.

Tone Your Day

How you spend your day also plays a role in toning your day. Create your mood by controlling inputs. Start from making your bed in the morning. Music is a dopamine switch so create a playlist and enjoy listening to your favorite music. It works as an effective distraction in repairing mood.

Pamper Yourself

Daily routines make us so busy that we forget to pamper ourselves. Usually, each morning comes with lots of tasks to do. So, that may not be the perfect time to treat yourself. You can proudly do this in the evening when you’re free. Reward yourself with sweet treats, how about chocolates? Self-indulgent treats leave long lasting positive effects on your mood.

Dine Out

Try it and we bet you will love it. Grab your favorite food and sit near a river or on a hill. Definitely, it is much better than eating it in the office. 

how i get out from bad mood

Recall Memories

Read the journal that you wrote years ago. If you don’t write journals then you can look through old photos. Pictures of a good time will lift your mood. This way you will recall the happy moments you had. Means life has not always been harsh to you. 

Practice Positive Thinking

Think positively and make positive decisions. Don’t let negativity prevail. You know life becomes simple when you get past complications. Always try to be in a positive environment.

Meditation Apps

App Store and Play Store are teaming with meditation and stress reliever apps. We recommend trying them. They contain practices, music and mindfulness tips that can help you get out of a bad mood.           

Take Nap

Napping is truly a powerful tool to get rid of a bad mood. Sometimes, extended periods of being awake make you feel annoying and tired. All this exhaustion leads to negative emotions. Bring on some positive thoughts and take an hour-long nap.

Good Meal Can Improve Your Mood

Good food not only can make you feel healthier but also happier. Research has shown that good mood has been tied to diet. Make sure to include vegetables, fruits, proteins and good fats in your meal. Processed foods lack in nutrition that will leave you feeling discontent. 

Try to eat food packed with Omega-3 fatty acids like avocado, walnuts, leafy greens, green tea etc. they will particularly help in boosting mood. 

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Try Some Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants properties that are linked to easing tension. However, we recommend you consume small portions.

Connect To People

Call your friends and ask them to meet in a café or restaurant. Connecting to people and socializing often prove to elevate mood. 

Sometimes our tight budgets don’t allow us to go for lunch or dinner outside. In that case, you can visit parks and have a talk.

Connect Long Distance Friends

Connect with your long distance buddy on video chat and speak your heart out. Coupling time with someone who really makes you feel happy. Also you will notice video chat conversation offers more engaged conversation than text messages. 

Plan Get Togethers

Plan social gathering with friends because face-to-face chats with friends will not even let a bad mood begin. Scheduling get-togethers must be a part of your weekly routine. 

Break Your Current Environment

Environment at home can be depressing sometimes, therefore, going for a walk outdoors can really have a positive effect on your mood. Break your current environment, go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature.

There are so many things outside that we don’t notice such as flowers, animals, insects and a lot more. Observe people and forget about your grumpy mood.

Moods Can Be Contagious

You may not know this but moods expressed on social platforms can be contagious. Even reading negative and gloomy status could affect your frame of mind. That’s why avoid becoming a victim of social media. 

Lighting Can Play A Role Too

Consider changing light when your mood is not good. If you’re in a dimmer light then turn on fluorescent light or try sitting in sunlight. Let the fresh air come inside. Exposing yourself to change can act as a mood booster.

lighting mood

Self-Assessment Could Help

Try to figure out the reason behind your bad mood. Identify the source of the problem and try solving or forgetting it. If there is something that you don’t have equipment to solve then there is no shame in visiting a therapist. 

Completing Tasks On Your To-Do List

Of course, your to-do list contains a long list of tasks to be done. We recommend completing tasks that can be completed quickly. That way you will have a feeling of achievement, also you’ll get the confidence to & momentum to tackle the time consuming tasks. 

We have tried our best to share a long list of tasks that can help someone to get out of a bad mood. Hope there may be something for everyone going through tough times. We anticipate that you may find this article helpful.

Now you know how to get out of a bad mood? Do forget to enjoy and remember good days will definitely come.


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