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how bad does a nose piercing hurt ?

Foods to Avoid, Time it Takes to Heal, Healing Stages

How bad does a nose Piercing hurt?

How bad a nose piercing hurts? Before going in you should definitely find out how much it hurts – especially when you have never had done it before. 

It is not as simple as getting your ear pierced. There are certain factors you need to consider before getting the procedure done. Let us clear in the beginning that it hurts a bit more than ear piercing. 

Foods to avoid after nose piercing, healing stages, the time it takes to heal, tips for pain relief, and much more. We have tried to cover all important points in this article.

Grab some snacks and start reading!

Pain With Nose Piercing

You can’t deny the fact that all piercings hurt – some mild and some most. Similarly, nose piercing causes mild pain and discomfort. But when performed with the hands of a professional the pain factor becomes minimal.

While nostril piercing will nip and likely result in watery eyes. There are some other body piercings that are generally more painful than a nose piercing. All things considered, it totally depends on how your nerves experience pain. 

Fortunately, the procedure is done with an extremely thin needle meaning it doesn’t cause much pain. It just took a few seconds for the procedure to end. 

Starting his career in 1997, Jef Saunders, president of the Association of Professional Piercers, stated that “The pain itself is a combination of mild sharpness and pressure, but it is over extremely quickly”.

Some professional piercers correlate it to undergoing eyebrow wax done. However, let’s not forget that everyone’s pain tolerance varies, so does the thickness of the nose. 

In general, we advise you to be relaxed when you’re going in for a piercing, calmness will help you feel the pain less intensely. Based on the experience of other people we have found that the pain is bearable.

As we have mentioned above, the pain will be enough to make your eyes teary. Save your sinus nerves from pain attacks as they are linked to the nose tissues – mostly happen with a nose piercing. These nerves send the signal to the eyes to release water. Stimulation of nose tissues makes eyes watery.      

The most preferred side to get pierced is the left side of the nose.

How much does a nose piercing hurt on a scale of 1 to 10?

According to some people, it is like a bee sting. Nostril piercing is about a 2 on a scale of 10. Super quick procedures make it the least painful.

How long does the pain last after a nose piercing?

Obviously, you experience some pain when your nose is pierced. Though the actual piercing procedure is less than a second, you may have swelling, tenderness, bruising and some blood at first. It may remain red, sore, and tender for 2-3 weeks


 Nostril piercing takes 2 to 4 months to heal completely.

Nose Piercing Compare to Other Piercing

Have you ever had other parts of your body pierced? We have this question because then you have some comparison of what to expect. We can compare nose piercing with the most common ear piercing.

Earlobes are considered to be the least painful area of the body to be pierced. So expect to experience the same pain as earlobe piercing causes.

Going in for a nose piercing will give you the same pain. The intensity of pain will be more when the needle has to go through thicker tissue like cartilage. Cartilage piercing is more painful than an earlobe – easily comparable to nose piercing. 

Most Painful Nose Piercing

There are three types of nose piercing in total;

  • High nostril piercing
  • Traditional nostril piercing
  • Septum or bull-ring piercing

Septum piercing and traditional nose piercing are considered to be easy as they heal quickly. High nostril piercing takes a bit of time to heal – the area tends to swell as it is closer to the bone. We recommend it only if you have experienced any body piercing before.

Nose Piercing Hurt

Are there any tips for making piercing less painful?

Your nose will definitely be sore for a few days as the healing process begins. Expect your nose to get inflamed for a few days. The swelling and inflammation demystify within 5 days except if infection occurs.

Consider visiting the piercer if you develop extreme redness, bumps, and scared for more than a week. Use some good piercing aftercare products prescribed by the piercer regularly as it hastens the healing process. Clean the piercing site at least twice a day.

Things That Affect Nose Piercing Pain

There are certain factors that affect how you perceive the pain. 

Proper Sleep

Make sure to take proper rest before going in for a piercing. When you sleep your body heals and recharges itself. Getting better sleep will help you tolerate the pain at a high pain threshold.

Are you undergoing some medical treatment?

Remember your body should feel best for tolerating the pain. If you’re undergoing some medical treatment then your body will not heal well. We recommend you wait until the completion of your medical treatment so that you may develop the ability to cope with stressors. 

Which side of my nose should I get pierced?

It is a fact that all nose piercings feel different. Nostril piercing is the least painful of all nose piercings among several different types of piercing. When it comes to septum piercing the piercer should be experienced as he has to pierce skin available below cartilage – that varies from person to person. It is the second painful nose piercing but some people wonderfully found it less painful. In vertical nose piercing the needle has to go through the tip of nose cartilage that’s why it is more painful. 

nose priecing |

Can you use a numbing product before a nose piercing?

It is not guaranteed that numbing products will work for you as some find it useful and some don’t. However, if you really want to try then you can buy some numbing products from the drugstore. Before going in for piercing apply it properly on the nose early so that it reduces the pain caused by the initial needle prick. 

Go for some effective numbing cream so that its effect doesn’t wear off early. We recommend you buy FDA approved numbing cream that must contain high levels of Lidocaine. Apply it according to the instructions on the packaging just before the piercing procedure begins.

Is it better to get a nose piercing with a gun or a needle?

We don’t suggest using guns for nose piercing. The reason is it hurts more and will more likely leave a bump on your skin. 

With the needle more care and experience are required but it doesn’t hurt much. The price will be worth the procedure in the long run.

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Does your piercer have enough experience?


For some people, it may not matter. But having experienced piercers will make the entire procedure trouble-free. Skillful piercers can make the whole process tolerable. They know what’s the right spot to pierce and get jewelry through. 

The quicker the process the less painful it would be – the duration of pain will be less.

How to deal with nose piercing pain?

Physical and mental health really matter when it comes to dealing with nose piercing pain. There are certain ways to make it less tolerable. 

  • Before going for piercing educate yourself about the procedure a bit, it would definitely help you
  • Think as if you’re enjoying the process – meditation is key
  • Save yourself from blacking out, don’t forget to eat a snack before you go to the shop
  • Scientists have proven that music can literally divert your mind during medical procedures
  • Don’t even think of consuming alcohol before the procedure
  • Get proper sleep so that you wake up fresh 
  • Talking to someone divert your attention, you can bring your friend along with you
  • Don’t panic

Don’t dread it as it is not a big deal.


Don’t dread it as it is not a big deal. We all have dealt with needles at some point in our lives. All you have to do is take care of it until it heals properly. 

It is not as bad as it may seem. We bet you will fly through the procedure. Ensure that your piercing heals at best by following the piercing’s aftercare advice. Aid recovery by buying some high-quality additive-free healing solution.

Hope you will find this article helpful. We wish you the best of luck before you visit the piercer. If you have any questions then shoot them in the comments box below. We would love to help you. 

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