Honda Concept Cars

Honda Concept Cars

Honda Concept Cars

Honda Concept cars. Beginning of Honda Journey. It was the September of 1946 when Soichiro Honda lay the foundation of Honda Technical Research Institute. He was a mechanic from profession and has very keen interest in automobiles. First, Soichiro and his team improvised the bicycles having Tohatsu war surplus radio generator engines.

It was a hit and soon enough they ran out of engines. In order to fulfill the demand, they developed a copy of the engine themselves and stating supplying it to the customers. The first product they developed was named as “Bata Bata”.

It was because of the sound it produces. After two years of its working in 1948, the Honda Technical Research Institute was liquidated for ¥1,000,000 and the amount was used to incorporate Honda Motor Co, Ltd.

Dream BuildingHonda Concept car |

After that another journey beings with the hiring of engineer Kihachiro Kawashima and Takeo Fujisawa. Both of them provided crucial business and marketing value to the development of the company.

In 1949, Honda manufactured its first complete motorcycle which do by the name “Dream” and by the year 1964 Honda became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles

In 1949, Honda manufactured its first complete motorcycle which do by the name “Dream”. Honda


Honda concept cars

We only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams, if we have the courage to challenge convention

The ambition of Honda to manufacture vehicles can be traced back to 1963, with distinguished features that help it to stand out among other brands. From the beginning till now it is the pioneer to test new technologies embedded in the cars.

Innovation in design and engineering is what drives Honda forward. It always works for the improvement in design so that the user will get the best experience.

Honda have always implemented front-wheel-drive powertrain along with some amazing features like speed sensitive power steering, multi-port fuel injection or anti-lock brakes.

Honda always led the market putting the best technologies into the cars. Through our concept cars Honda push the boundaries and enter into new realm of innovation that will help to design the road cars of tomorrow

Honda Concept cars 1963

Short history & Honda Concept Cars:

1984, Honda HPX Over the years Honda produced many concept cars. Starting with the 1984 Honda HPX, that was designed by Pining Farina and depicts the future of the cars. It was displayed in the 1984 London Motor Show. It was the Honda’s first mid-engine concept car with a wrap-over screen that could be raised and lowered. It had two seats with aspirated V6 engine.

1995, Honda SSM

Then came the time of 1995 in which Honda introduced the Sport Study Model, SSM model which was revealed to the world at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. The SSM had a 2.0 liter five-cylinder engine and a five-speed automatic. The headlights of the car were are set down into the bottom of the front bumper rather than at the top and there are two distinctly separate spaces for the driver and passenger.

1997, Honda J-VX

As the innovation in the design progress and the journey towards the success continue. In 1997, Honda developed the J-VX which was the world’s first hybrid sportscar with 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine paired with a supercapacitor. The looked similar to the style of Lamborghini with bright green color and superb scissor doors. Unfortunately, the car never made to the production but provide inspiration for the design of many cars to come in future.

1999, Honda Fuya-jo

The next connect car presented by Hinda in 1999 Tokyo motor show was “Fuya-jo” which literally translated as “sleepless city”. It was perfect for those who love night life and partying in clubs. The car had the capacity for four people and had more than a dozen speakers placed around the cabin to increase the party scene even more.

2001, Honda Dual Note

Hinda redefined the meaning of style, innovation and luxury. In 2001 motor show in Tokyo the company displayed the “Honda Dual Note” which consist of four doors with nearly 400PS. It had four seats and behind the rear seat exist 3.5-litre V6 engine, which was paired to three electric motors for a combined output of 400PS.

It was an amazing little creation in which the power went to all four wheels and used six speed clutch less manual gearbox.

2003, Honda HSC   

In 2003, Honda flaunts the HSC “Honda Sports Car” with 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 with carbon-fiber panels draped over an aluminum chassis. Unfortunately, nothing came out of this car but the fans of NSX were hoping that the Honda will keep making mid-engine supercars.

honda card 1984 to 2017

2009, Honda EV-N

Few years after the World War II, Honda developed a “Kei car”. These cars were developed following the strict maximum size and power displacement rules. Ultimately these were the smallest cars available in Japan at that time which consume less energy and can be driven or parked in areas where normal cars could not. The were less expensive and were affordable.

The modern cars that have the reflection of the earliest cars developed by Honda were 1967 N360 Kei car, then the Honda EV-N. The total length was 2.8m long still can have the capacity to fit four people. An EV designed for the city; the roof was plastered with solar panels to give a free energy boost when the car was parked.

2014, Honda Type R concept

In 2014 Honda introduced the Type-R car. The space ship style Type-R was turbo-charged with very high speed and power. It had a huge wing, big rear diffuser, Four exhausts, vents and giant flared arches. The actual production unit was quite different from the initial designing, the production reality was changed than imagined. The front wheel has to deal with 228 Kw from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine and could go up to 168mph.

2014, Project 2+4 Concept  

In 2015 Frankfurt motor show everyone was amazed with the Honda astonish design which was called “Honda 2+4”. It was developed to celebrate the company success first as the motorcycle manufacturer and then becoming a big name in the car production.

The innovation was the winning entry in Honda’s ‘Global Design Project’. The 2+4 had the engine from RC213V MotoGP bike which was fitted just few inches away from the head of the driver. The car had Alcantara-clad, floating seat, Ohlin’s coil overs, 20 -spoke wheels clad with Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires.

It also featured a six-speed double-clutch gearbox. The weight of this beast was 5405kgs and had a   complicated projector and two-way mirror contraption that comprised the instrument cluster.

2017, Honda Urban EV Concept

In 2017 Frankfurt Motor show, Urban EV was unveiled. The car had to had the side-mirror cameras, the boxy shape and the frameless windows and dashboard of screens but the reality turn out differently with ginormous wheels, flared arches and thin pillars.

2017, Sports EV

In 2017 Tokyo motor show months after revealing the Urban EV the Honda revealed the Sports EV. It was a simple design car having two seats, rear-wheel-drive and operated on electric power.

Honda Latest Cars

The innovation and design are the two hallmarks of the Honda. Over the year Honda launched number of different cars that provide customers with value and comfort. In the era 2018, 2019 and 2020 the most popular vehicle in Japan was 660cc hatchback. By the end of 2022 new N-Box is expected to be launched.

The future cars of Honda expected to have Hybrid that will join the civic range. The civic e: HEV, Honda civic PHEV will be launched by the end of 2022. These cars are setting the standards in the countries where they are being launched. The hybrid was powered by the same 1.5-litre plus two motors but for the HR-V e: HEV, it may have its own higher power output though.

Honda Latest cars

Honda launched many different models over the years. For the model year 2018 the tenth generation Sedan Accord was announced to launched in 2017. In 2017 the production of the Accord commenced in United States of America. The eleventh generation of Honda Accord will begin in September of 2022 by the joint venture of The Guan qi Honda.

The GAC Honda electric EA6 is a 4.8m long electric Sedan launched in the Chinese market. The electric Sedan unveiled in 2020 Guangzhou motor show and was available in the market by February after six months of its debut in prototype form at the Guangzhou motor show.

New Honda’s upcoming cars 2022 United States of America

Honda has a reputation of producing cars that have style and comfort. In United States of America Honda has a name for the cars that has most comprehensive designs and offer wholesome experiences to its users. The vehicles are remained constant in quality throughout the arrangements.

The fuel-efficient technology used in Honda vehicles make them eco-friendly, open and have the best quality with best design and style. It has a range for everyone’s interest.

New Honda’s upcoming cars 2022 United States of America


It fulfills requirements of all from a family to an adventurous person with its high speed, spacious design and sleek style. Honda understands the market better than anyone else. It lines up number of different models to be released such as: the exciting and energetic Civic Si and the hot-incubate Civic Type R. The practical CR-V conservative SUV is its most famous contribution.

Honda likewise offers more unusual models like the adaptable Ridgeline pickup and family-accommodating individuals’ carriers like the Odyssey minivan and the Pilot SUV. Honda has all comprehensive new designs.

2022 Honda Accord in USA

Among the vehicles that are expected to be here in 2022. Honda Accord is one of the most anticipated one especially by the people having families because of its spacious interior, amazing driving elements, comfort, reasonable inside and unmatchable worth


2022 Honda Civic Si in USA

The Honda Civic Si gets back with a pristine energy and a similar amusing to-drive reasoning that makes it a wonderful exhibition vehicle for the general population.

2022 Honda Civic Si in USA


2022 Honda Civic Type R in USA

The Honda civic Type R will have completely defined appearance. It is anticipated that the vehicle rear door will even be more remarkable and amusing. The 2022 Honda Civic has earned the prestigious North American Car of the Year™ award for its excellence in innovation, design, safety features, overall performance and more.

2022 Honda Civic Type R in USA


Honda HRV-2022

Honda HRV-2022 is a name of versatility with the inclusion of stylish design with comfortable inferior. It has a combination of SUV features with hot striking sport inspired wheels which help it to stand out everywhere. The HRV is amazingly spacious with second row Seat that can be used into different cargo modes with heated seats and automatic climate control system. It has embedded with the technology like Apple Car play and Real time AWD intelligent Control system.

Honda HRV-2022

New latest upcoming models/cars 2023

2023 Honda CRV in USA

The Honda CR-V has every one of the positive characteristics you could need in a minimized SUV. It is very environment friendly, comfortable interior, flexibility, and a plenitude of current innovation and design.

2023 Honda CRV Vs HRV

2023 Honda HRV in USA

A full upgrade for 2023 could return the Honda HR-V to conflict with the best little SUVs. Hope to see the new HR-V revealed before the finish of 2022. The all upgraded HR-V is both sleek and spacious. Its redefined and exclusively designed interior gave a lot of space for the cargo. It has an athletic stance and flowing body which creates a amazing sense of movement.

New Honda’s upcoming cars 2022 United States of America

Future Concept Honda SUV

As Honda starts its excursion to an all-electric future, its association with General Motors will produce the 2024 Prologue EV, which we expect will appear as a SUV.  It will all electrified Honda vehicle which will offer versatility of design and a new concept of luxury. It earns its name as first the future of SUV design in Honda’s up coming EVs because it will be hundred percent zero emission. If we say that this will be the most futuristic SUV design then it will be justifying

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