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FIFA World Cup 2022

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FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022.For the first time in history, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is all set to be held in the Middle East – the host nation is Qatar. 2022 World Cup will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup. 16 Teams will go head to head for the grand title. Do you know football is the most watched game around the world?

Qatar is one of the richest countries when it comes to Arabic hospitality. Get ready to be surprised by football 2022 in Qatar. Total 8 stadiums, 65 matches and 32 teams in the warzone are battling for the title of World Football Champions. 

So, are you a fan waiting anxiously for the Doha FIFA world cup? We have gathered some of the most interesting facts about FIFA games 2022 in Qatar – facts about the FIFA world cup

FIFA world cup 2022

Upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup – FIFA Facts


all set to be held in 2022, here are some of the most interesting facts about Doha FIFA world

First Winter FIFA World Cup

Yes fans, the Doha FIFA World Cup will be held during the winter season. First-ever FIFA World Cup in Qatar – in the Northern Hemisphere. As fans we all know world cups usually take place in the Southern Hemisphere during June and July. These months are the hottest in Qatar so November and December would be best months as the temperature hovers around 20-25°C.

Usual summer slot of the FIFA world cup has been shifted to winter to counter the challenges feigned by winter. The world cup 2022 – FIFA world cup will start on 21st of November and end on 18th December. 

Much Smaller Location for World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup in Qatar – a much smaller country than the previous host Russia. Qatar is 1, 478 times smaller than Russia. Keeping this in mind, a metro network will be established to cover all the venues for the FIFA games 2022.

FIFA world cup 2022 would be the most accessible as fans can travel easily from one venue to the other. This fact shows that FIFA games 2022 will be a great success.

Fewest Stadiums for Doha FIFA World Cup in 2022

In 1978, Argentina was the host nation for the Football World Cup with just six stadiums. After that Qatar has the fewest stadiums where the tournament will be held. 

Would you believe Qatar is spending an approximate $200 billion USD to beautify its stadiums in the wake of the Football World cup. 84,000 tons of steel, double the amount that was used in Burj Khalifa, is being used in infrastructure projects. 70,000 outdoor lights to light up the Doha FIFA World Cup. All this shows how luxurious and hospitable the country is.

The lovers of football would have the best first class entertainment and experience

FIFA Games 2022 in the Center of the Earth

A lot more visitors will arrive to enjoy Doha FIFA World Cup than usual. Qatar is in equal proximity to all parts of the world. Therefore, devotees from Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries would be able to come for the FIFA games 2022. 

As estimated, 1.2 million fans will travel to Qatar in 2022 for the FIFA World Cup. This figure is double the number of visitors that arrived in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

No doubt Doha FIFA World Cup in 2022 will be a lively experience for the fans.

Moving Within the Country – The Qatar World Cup

As already discussed, a record number of fans will arrive to witness the Qatar World Cup. Host cities of FIFA games 2022 are located in close proximity. So traveling from one venue to another would be hassle free.

Doha metro and local taxis like Karrwa would help people to commute to different locations. Remote stadiums like Al Wakaw and Al Bayt are located at a distance of 90 miles only. 

Qatar Airways Record Flights

Qatar is already a prime spot for overseas travelers. Would you believe Qatar Airways along with Hamad International airport will receive 1300 flights in a day. Well, it is quite a number. 

Since the location for FIFA games 2022 is central to the world, the number can be even higher.

Qatar Airways Record Flights

Provision of Cheap Alcohol

Qatar is definitely trying hard to make the 2022 FIFA World Cup a big success. Fans are confused about the availability of alcohol in stadiums. Being a country with Muslim majority Alcohol will not be served in stadiums. 

But the country has come up with a solution. Fan Zones will be established all around the country to sell cheap alcohol. Impressive! fifa world cup

Qatar World Cup fans enjoy live action along with low-priced alcohol.

Amiable Welcome

More than 2.7 million population of Qatar is known for their friendliness. Are you looking forward to a friendly welcome? Your wish is fulfilled as the people of Qatar welcome everyone with open arms. Most of the nation speaks English fluently. 

Famous for its Arabic hospitality Qatar will definitely impress the travelers. The people of the country are friendly and don’t afraid to join the company of tourists. With premier language English Qatar is the live testament of joy and merry. 

Why not buy a ticket to experience the lavish environment? 

Is safety your concern during World Cup 2022?

When it comes to famous events then safety is one of the major concerns. The security of travelers and players is the top priority of the host nation. 

Qatar is lowest on the list of crime rates in the world. Being the safest country, the laws are what make the people behave respectfully. 

It means you can visit remote places late at night. Natural disasters, robbers and vicious crimes are not an issue in Qatar. So now you know why Qatar is safest to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. Steve Jobs

Air-Conditioned Stadiums

Another interesting fact about FIFA 2022, even in winter the temperature can reach a distressingly high point. Organizing the event in summers is nearly impossible where during day time temperature can touch 50 degree Celsius. 

The country has come up with a solution. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in fully air-conditioned stadiums. This way fans and players will have a cool viewing experience. All 8 venues are fully prepared in every aspect to host the biggest event of football.


Qatar air conditional stadium

Asia Hosting World Cup 2nd Time

Yes, you heard it right. Asia will be hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup for the second time. First time event was co-hosted by South-Korea and Japan back in 2002. 

However, Middle Eastern nations have never hosted a prestigious competition like this. So, Qatar is the first Middle Eastern nation which will host the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

This way Qatar will become the first-ever Middle Eastern host of the special occasion – FIFA games 2022.

Bridge The Gap Between Two Continents

Events like this help people come closer. They get a chance to meet and understand the culture and diversity. FIFA World Cup 2022 will help bridge the gap between Europe and the Middle East. 

The cultural gap between the two worlds is huge. Lifestyle, behaviors, language and culture is what distinguish people of different countries. Qatar is clearly making efforts to fill the void. 

The FIFA 2022 World Cup will bring people closer and let them laugh together.

New Infrastructure to Accommodate Tourists

With only a population of 2.6 million, Qatar is the smallest nation to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. According to statistics, more than 1.7 million tourists visit the country in a single year.

It clearly shows that double up infrastructure is required to accommodate the fans from all over the world. The host country knows all this and is trying hard to make an impression. 

World Cup 2022 Final in Brand New Stadium

Would you believe Lusail is a brand new city specially built for the World Cup? This city will host the World Cup 2022 final. Entertainment district, resorts, man-made islands, and marinas make it a city of the future. Total cost of building this city is $46 billion. 

safest stadium qatar

So these are the interesting facts that you should know about the FIFA World Cup 2022. The nest question is;

Which is the best way to Reach Qatar?

Looking for ways to reach Qatar before the World Cup 2022 kicks off? 

There are two ways to reach Qatar; on-road and by air. Travelers from Saudi Arabia can take an on-road route to reach the FIFA destination. However, the most recommended way from us is to reach there by air. 

Qatar has only one fully functioning airport which is Hamad International Airport. This airport operates flights from all over the globe. Because of the presence of this airport Qatar is regarded as the largest transit gateway. 

So travelers from all around the world can book flights to Qatar for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. In fact, once the event kicks off there would be many airlines operating in the country just to make traveling to Qatar fun and budget friendly. 

There is no doubt in saying that the FIFA World Cup is the biggest event of football. The host Qatar has started preparations to provide players and fans an unforgettable experience. The 2022 FIFA edition is unique in many ways. Whether it is the number of stadiums or hospitality or centrally air-conditioned stadiums or commutability, there are many interesting facts about the 2022 FIFA World Cup – FIFA Facts.

Are you ready to witness football’s most prestigious event? Don’t waste time and start looking for ways to get there. Book a ticket and land in Qatar to enjoy the FIFA games 2022. Avoid last-minute rush and start preparing now just like Qatar.

Best Places to Visit in Qatar During the World Cup 2022

For those who are excited and have planned to visit Qatar. There are many places to explore when in Qatar. Museum of Islamic Art, Purple Island, Soul Waqif (oldest market in Qatar), Al Shakira Natural Reserve, Karata Cultural Village, National Museum of Qatar, Purple Island, etc.  

best place in Qatar


Which is the best time to visit Qatar?

November and March are the best months to visit Qatar on a Holiday. During these months the temperature in daytime is low as compared to other months. Visiting Qatar in the summer would be a bad decision. As in summer, the temperature can hit 50 degree Celsius.

How long will the 2022 World Cup last?

FIFA World Cup 2022 will last around 28 days. 

Qatar will host the event from late-November to mid-December. It will be the first football World Cup to be played in winter due to the scorching heat in summer in Qatar. Let’s see who will be the next world cup champion. 

Who will host the 2022 World Cup?

Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Biggest football event will be held in the Middle East for the very first time. 

How many Stadiums are there for the FIFA World Cup?

8 Stadiums are settled for the FIFA World Cup. Out of these 8 only one is refurbished while the remaining 7 are being newly created. This is the smallest number of stadiums for an event like this.

Are stadiums in Qatar air-conditioned?

In Qatar, the temperature is quite high during the day time. FIFA 2022 is the first World Cup that will be held in the winter season. Taking this into consideration, the country will host the FIFA games 2022 in centrally air-conditioned stadiums. 

Are there any good hotels in Qatar?

Renowned for its hospitality there are many worth visiting hotels in Qatar. Ritz-Carlton Doha, InterContinental Doha, Maras Maaz Kempinski Doha, Grand Hyatt Doha, AL Rayyan Hotel Doha, Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Al Najada Doha Hotel, JW Marriott Marquis City, Curio Collection by Hilton, etc.

Who hosted the very first World Cup?

Uruguay hosted the first world cup back in 1930. Only 13 national teams took part in the tournament. 3 stadiums of Montevideo were selected, all of which were located in the same city. Team Uruguay defeated Argentina to win the title.

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