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Naturally all humans have a feeling of love by ALLAH. Everyone likes to being loved. To have a special place in the heart of one’s is the most pleasant feeling. It is a human psyche to be loved by someone instead to love someone. A man likes the girlfriend who sprinkles all her affection on him. Universe has granted women with intense love. This intense love is the most


beautiful, valuable, and best gift for the boyfriend.

The practice of gifting has existed from the start of human civilization. Research shows that in UK $500 is spending on Gift. While in America its ratio is about $650. In 1992, Gary Chapman describe “The five love language: How to express heartfelt commitment to your mate” in the New York Times bestselling book. He developed the five primary ways for gifting to the partner. Chapman’s five love languages inculcate:

  • Physical touch like holding hands and cuddling is also the gift for boyfriend.
  • Spending a quality time with boyfriend. This quality time includes the chatting over dinner and long walk as well.
  • Act of services which are a gift for boyfriend like having cooking and cleaning a car.
  • Loving and special words also shows your love for the boyfriend.
  • The last one is Gift-giving which express the love. The gift may appear as simple but it must express the love for the boyfriend.

Purpose of Gift to Boyfriend

Exchange of gift is a pleasant thing. Giving gift makes a person happy, you communicate feeling with partner. Gifts also strengthen the relationship. The main purpose to give the best gift for the boyfriend is to reconfirm or establish a strong connection. You give gift to the boyfriend to make him feel special as well as for appreciation. Your gifts to boyfriend create the feeling of attachment and happiness among the relationship. Boyfriend feels special when they receives gift from their loved ones. The gift communicates a lot about the personality who is giving. To celebrate the happiness and make them special, different gift are given to boyfriend.

Even you’ve been together for several years but shopping for a gift for your boyfriend is not an easy task. Firstly, you must think about what type of gift you want to buy: Romantic, funny or a combination of two. Then you need to be creative while selection of the gift that is heartfelt yet useful.

The presents must be appropriate according to the occasion birthday gift, anniversary of first date. Gift for boyfriends vary according to the occasion. Some of them are

  • Loyalty, being loyal to your partner is the backbone of any relationship.100% loyalty is the best gift for the boyfriend. Such gift enhances his trust for you.
  • Trust comes from loyalty. Without trust the relationship is nothing.
  • Honesty is another gift for the boyfriend. Every boyfriend wants that his partner must be honest with him Absence of this factor loses the trust loyalty from you.
  • Care is another intangible gift for the boyfriend. Care for your boyfriend as much as you can. Hanging out together, movies just give a joy to your boyfriend but the care gives him the happiness.
  • Give up the expectations in the relationship is also your gift for the boyfriend.

From my perspective, the loyalty is the best gift for boyfriends. Any relation demands the loyalty. It is the prerequisite of any relation. The history is full of uncountable love. Romeo and Juliet relationship is also turn around the love and loyalty. Romeo and Juliet’s love is ecstatic and overpowering forces that replace the values and emotions. Juliet has given a ring as a gift to the boyfriend Romeo. This shows that Tangible gifts also have great importance. weeding gift,best man,Men Gift,Boyfriend Gift,Husband Gift,Personalized docking,Custom Men,Men's valet tray,jewelry organizer,Father's Day Gift,wood Phone holder,personalized gift,Wedding Party Gift: Handmade

In spite of intangible gifts, the tangible gifts must be gifts to the boyfriend. Such types of gifts bring joy and smile in the life of boyfriend. Some of them are

  • Classic Leather Wallet
  • Pair of noise
  • Simple Bracelet
  • A surprise gift of birthday
  • A mobile Phone

Impact of Bad Gift

The result of gifts may be positive and negative. The relationship is affected by the frequency and intensity of gift. Selection of bad gifts shows that receiver has no value in your eye. Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia says that “Choosing the wrong gift can be a kind of risky for relationships because it says that you don’t have anything in common”. Undesirable gifts put the negative impact on receiver. So when you think to select the gift for boyfriend, be careful and remember the liking and disliking of a boyfriend.

What should not be Use as a Gift for a Boyfriend?

There are number of gifts the boyfriends don’t like to receive from their partner.

These are mentioned below:

  • Flowers, boyfriends like practical things
  • Cheap perfumes
  • Beginners Tool Set
  • Office Supplies
  • Match items, looking so cute. But for matured boyfriend it is not best gift. It’s so last decades. A mature boyfriend likes the personality of his girlfriend instead of showing to all the world about the compatibility of each other.
  • Clothes as gift may be wrong in selection. Three things: Wrong fit, wrong style and wrong size may make your gift useless.
  • Jewelry, Never chooses unless the boyfriend is gemstones about it. Most of the boyfriends don’t like it.
  • It is just wastage of money because boyfriends don’t like to wear. So such type of gift for boyfriend becomes useless.

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Gift for the boyfriends must be selected according to the liking and disliking of him. The nature of gift and appearance shows your love for the boyfriend. When the boyfriend receives the gift, he gets happy. To giving gifts communicates our heart feeling for the boyfriend. Give a gift, as it brings a smile to your boyfriend’s face. So it is very important in relationship to fill the life of your boyfriend with colorful joys. To give the best gift for the boyfriend expresses your emotions and special feelings for him. So, give the best gift to your best friend and make his life multicolored and joyful.


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Written by Husnain Malik

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