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Aftercare of piercing

Aftercare of piercing. The month after getting a piercing done. The aftercare is much more important to cure the piercing and to fasten the healing process. Aftercare is essential to avoid the infection. It is too common for the People to get pierced and each new piercing is vital. Slacking off your aftercare will prolong your discomfort and healing process.

There are many Dos you should adopt as after care of your piercing. Always wash your hands thoroughly because you will never want the induction of new bacteria into your piercing it’s an open wound that is vulnerable to infection so make sure you don’t touch your piercing with dirty hands.

Soak a cotton ball with lukewarm water, and gently wipe away any “Scab” that have gathered around the piercing site Then throw the cotton ball away.

Apply a rich amount of unscented liquid soap to your fingertip and apply it to the piercing site and jewelry completely.

Make sure you get the soap everywhere but rotating your Jewelry is not obligatory as long as you applied the soap on piercing and on jewelry properly. If you move the jewelry piece it might cause the bacteria to in tract with your wound and this will be the main root of your infection.

It is the best aftercare that you just clean your piercing thoroughly without actually moving. Rinse the piercing and jewelry several times with warm water making sure all the soap has been removed.

Use the Clean paper towel to dry your piercing and dispose the paper towel.

Avoid touching your piercing with unwashed hands. Avoid submerging your piercing while healing. No baths, swimming in pools, lakes and oceans etc.

Never take off your jewelry while it’s healing unless instructed by the medical pro- fissional. Avoid anything from getting into your piercing for example Make-up, Face washes, Lotions, Harsh Chemicals, Hair Products, Perfumes, Essential oil.

Avoid sleeping or putting pressure on your new piercing this will lead to the dis- pleasure. Use travel pillows to avoid sleeping on your ear while healing an ear piercing.

Avoid sleeping or putting pressure on your new piercing |

One trick you can use is to warm the compress first. Put the sterile wash bottle into a sink filled with hot water for a couple minutes. The higher temperature will encourage blood flow and pull-out fluid from any swelling.

There are many ways you can adopt to heal your piercing fast. It depends on your skin condition, and also it very person to person some have sensitive skin condition , some have normal skin and some have super sensitive skin condition. Skin type matters a lot in the aftercare of piercing and healing process.

Make sure your bedding, eyewear, and anything else that may contact your new piercing is clean. Clean your piercing consistently. Consider taking a multivitamin. Multivitamins containing Zinc and Vitamin C can boost your body’s healing abilities. Read more informative articles at

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